14 December | bolgatty palace, kochi

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മേക്കർ ഫെസ്റ്റ് കേരള
India's Largest Maker Fest

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A day of festivities. 6000+ expected footfall


Technical workshops


Maker exhibits from all over India


Live band and performances


MAKER FEST is an informal local event typically organized by volunteers/change makers like you and me. From once to several times a year, small groups of like minded people gather local volunteers in their own community (university, neighborhood, village, apartment complex) and celebrate the makers they know.

Asha Jadeja Motwani
(Founder, Makerfest)

We believe that some makers may start small, but could have an enormous impact even globally.

For example : a tinkerer in the village of Chotila plays around with a few materials and designs and comes up with a fabulous local refrigerator – now widely adopted and recognized as Mittikool.

Two students and a professor play around with a hospital database and create new search algorithms and out comes Google.

In our own Ahmedabad an enterprising man from South Africa, and his friends decide to work with local industrialists to find a space, gather regularly and collaborate on how to free India from foreign rule.


It is well known that traditional models of learning do not work well. We know that kids learn best when they are in a small peer group and have access to same information – like through Google. (See data from “hole in the wall experiments” and “school in the cloud”). Maybe we don’t need formal teaching and buildings. Maybe all we need is facilitators and ad hoc meeting places for these peer groups. Co-working and co-learning spaces are the fastest growing activity everywhere in the world. Why are we spending so much on new schools and colleges based on a traditional model?? What would future alternative models look like?? Will they crop up organically based on livelihood needs rather than political or economic mandates? We want to discuss, debate and explore these questions deeply. Maker fest is only one activity that can enable such dialogue and action. We are thrilled by the results already. Maker fest seems to be taking off in various cities in India and abroad without much help from us. Our dream is that young makers everywhere will get inspired by what we do and create their own little maker events/hubs in their own communities. We will be delighted and honored to help.